Meet Laws Whiskey House

We're so excited about the Colorado Winter Bridal Showcase we're hosting with Privé Events at The Courtyard Marriott Denver Cherry Creek!

The day will be full of amazing giveaways and you'll have a chance to interact with the best wedding vendors in Denver!

We're going to have so many talented vendors to help you plan your day, like the amazing whiskey of Laws Whiskey House.

Every drop of whiskey we sell is made 100% from grain to bottle at our distillery located in Denver, Colorado. We have never sourced one drop of whiskey and we never will. We let American whiskey’s four mother grains inspire us to not only create our four grain straight bourbon, but also to break each grain out into its own expression showcasing its contribution to the bourbon.
— Al Laws

Laws Whiskey House is a fiercely independent Colorado distillery committed to producing the highest quality whiskey using local ingredients.

They are guided by three simple principles: CRAFT OVER COMMODITY - QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - WHISKEY ABOVE ALL.®


Imagine being surround by whiskey aging in oak barrels and the aroma of fermenting grain. We can make that happen. At Laws Whiskey House we can accommodate Bachelor/Bachelorette Themed Private Tours, Engagement Parties, Cocktail Parties, Smaller Ceremonies and Cocktail Wedding Receptions at our distillery in Denver, Colorado.

Laws is ideal for those seeking an intimate venue.

If you are looking for a unique Bridal Party gift we offer personalized engravings on either side of our Whiskey bottles, glassware or flasks.

For those seeking a way to elevate their wedding, we give engaged couples the option to purchase entire whiskey barrels to be tasted and bottled by their family and/or bridal party. Those bottles can then be used as gifts for their guests or stored away for a later occasion.

No matter how you want to celebrate your love with another, you are always welcome at Laws Whiskey House!

Al Laws took concepts from paper in 2006, to production in 2011. Al worked closely with Mr. Bill Friel, former Master Distiller of Barton’s, for a number of years to develop the whiskey we make.

Al would say that Mr. Bill Friel is the primary architect of our Flagship Four Grain Bourbon. Although he is retired, Bill has been, and continues to be (even at 82), a close advisor and trainer for the entire Laws team.

In October 2014, Laws brought whiskey to glass, harvesting only when the whiskey said it was ready. Today the Laws team of dedicated craftsmen employ the same “no-compromise, no shortcuts” approach to making a growing family of high-quality, authentic American whiskeys that capture the unique character of Colorado and the people that make it.